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CRACKED BLACK PEPPER FINE Pepper is one of the most ubiquitous spices in the world, and black pepper is perhaps the most commonly used variety. Though pepper hails from India, and grows only in hot climates, it was so highly prized by ancient spice traders that it now features in virtually every cuisine. To showcase pepper's pungent bite, try using it to encrust steak, salmon, or goat cheese, or use it generously in vinaigrettes. For best flavour, skip the pre-ground pepper, and invest in a pepper grinder. A pinch of black pepper is added to almost every type of recipe imaginable. Once used as currency and presented to the gods as a sacred offering, it is fortunate that this most popular of spices is available throughout the year. Black pepper is a very popular seasoning and spice used in European, Middle Eastern and of course Indian cuisine. Pepper corns have a mild heat, adding that peppery, warm flavour to any dish. Black pepper corns can be crushed or ground. Black pepper - Stimulates digestion, eases flatulence, relieves constipation and improves circulation. ***WE SELL QUALITY GLASS GRINDERS AT BEST PRICE*** VISIT OUR SHOP IN THE SPICES SECTION Quality and Freshness is important us as it is to you, therefore we supply our herbs and spices in a small range of sizes to meet your needs as well as your pocket, while ensuring they are as fresh as possible. As we have expanded the range of product as well as sizes, we now offer free postage on all items Individual items are normally posted via second class postage using the royal mail ***If you have any specific requirements regarding*** any of our products please contact us as we can cater to any of your needs whether it is regarding size, quantity or price ALL OLD INDIA PRODUCTS ARE SPECIALLY PACKED FOR INDIA BAZAAR By FGS MILLS LTD


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