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Chilli rating - mellow - 1 Serves 2-3 in 10 mins Made fresh in small batches Free from artificial colourings and flavourings Suitable for vegetarians A mild tomato and onion curry sauce with mixed herbs and spices in individual pouches. "The Spice Tailor range is truly versatile. Simply take your pick from the bits to buy, add the specially selected spices, stir in the sauce and you have a fresh, authentic Indian meal in just 10 minutes! This Rustic Rogan Josh curry blends together caramelised onions, ginger, garlic, fresh tomatoes and garam masala in a rich savoury sauce. It's the ultimate lamb curry!" Anjum x Anjum's Tasting Notes Rogan Josh originates from Kashmir, where it was traditionally made simply with oil, spices and yoghurt. The dish seen in most restaurants and takeaways in this country is closer in style to a deep, hearty North Indian lamb curry and this is what I have based our Rustic Rogan Josh on. What this version does share with the original is its distinctive blend of spices and depth of flavour. If you are not in a hurry to eat, opt for leg or shoulder of lamb, cut into cubes, and slow-cook over a low heat (1 - 1 1/4 hours). The difference in the depth of flavour is really worth the wait. If you don't have time, adding a little stock as you cook your curry will introduce a richer lamb flavour. Online Inspiration Visit The Spice Tailor's online kitchen to find more exciting recipes and Anjum's exclusive cooking tips. You'll also find more details about our full range of mouthwatering curries. We've spent time carefully creating our deliciously simple and versatile collection to suit all tastes - choose from light and fragrant dishes to hearty and comforting meals. And we'd also love to hear your ideas, so why not get online and share your recipe suggestions with us? All this and more at The Spice Mix Optional red chilli for clean heat Black cardamom for smoky depth Green cardamom for freshness Bay leaf for mellow f


  • Suitable for Vegetarians Free From Artificial Colours Free From Artificial Flavours
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened refrigerate & consume within three days. Do not use if pouch is bloated or leaking. Cannot be Microwaved
  • Country of Origin: India.
  • Indian Meal Kits


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